Active Measures Network

Active Measures Network

“Network for occupation measures in 15 territorial-administrative units in the North-West Region” is a regional information project, promoted with the help of a set of printed and electronic materials. Its purpose is to initialize local implementation of active occupation measures by decentralization of sectoral services (AJOFM) and diversification of social services within local administrations, members in Baia Mare Urban System Association, from the project’s operating area. 


The posters' purpose was to inform and promote professional forming packages and a job market organized within the project.


The brochures realized within the project promote integrated measures development in order to enhance occupation abilities for 1150 beneficiaries (inactive people and long term unemployed), in 15 territorial-administrative units (UAT) from the North-West region, which have signed an association convention for the sustainable development of the area.


Due to the large variety of events organized throughout the project, different layouts were created depending on the disseminated information and target groups.  


The project's target was to enhance occupation abilities for 710 inactive people, 390 long-term unemployed people and 50 young long-term unemployed people, by implementing an active measure occupation plan, adapted to the area, through direct individualized measures. For dissemination and promotion, a vertical roll-up was created for every event.  


At the end of the project, a CD with all the disseminated information materials was recorded.