Witty Lynxy

Witty Lynxy is a complex project, developed in time, based on the homonymous brand and comic books, initiated and conceived by ALDMAGIC FILM studio. In time, the brand has become well-known through multimedia products created by our company and events destined for young people which were promoted  by Witty Lynxy. 

Witty Lynxy Brand - Concept

Witty Lynxy is a registered trademark. The initial design was made with traditional materials, colored crayons and marker pen, but it was developed in time with the help of computer graphic instruments. Today, it can be seen both in 2D and 3D format.  It was used for various promotion materials: t-shirts, posters, magazines, stickers. Graphically, it represents a lynx in different stances, depending on the context and theme of promoted events. 

Awards and Certifications

Creation Award –  Author Section for Witty Lyxny Comic Book for Children - contest organized by Maramures Scholar Inspectorate 

First Prize – awarded by Maramures Scholar Inspectorate for the concept and design of Witty Lyxny coloring book – Education for Health

State Office for Inventions and Trademarks Certificate of Registration, in Romanian and Hungarian:  Ager Linxy, Füligszem Linxy.


The Witty Lynxy Collection includes: 
Witty Lynxy comic book - bilingual  edition, in Romanian and Hungarian
"Learn to Live Healthy" coloring book - Education for Health 


Stop Obesity! - a campaign for a healthy life done within the Youth in Action European program. Beneficiary: Romania in United Europe Association in affiliation with Maramures Scholar Inspectorate, Petre Dulfu County Library,  Maramures Sports and Youth Directorate, Maramures County Handball Association, HCM Stiinta Baia Mare and Mansio Association. As part of the campaign, a handball game was organized, in the "Gelu Carabat" Sport Gym in Seini, between the III junior teams of CS Seini and HCM Stiinta Baia Mare clubs, opening the international juniors game Romania - Hungary. Witty Lynxy was the campaign's mascot. To promote the event, t-shirts imprinted with the mascot were made for the junior teams' opening game.

The Nature is Yours! - a selective waste collection campaign. Beneficiary: Transylvania Carpathian Association in affiliation with Baia Mare City Hall. 

3D Animated Film

ALDMAGIC FILM company has made 3D animated films under the Witty Lynxy brand. These were produced as a TV series project or as promotion videoclips in several educational campaigns for young people. 
This is how Witty Lynxy - TV series Project and  "Stop Obesity!"  videoclip for promoting a healthy lifestyle came to life.