Traditional Romanian Constellations

Traditional Romanian Constellations

''Traditional Romanian Constellations'' is a project realized in affiliation with Baia Mare Planetarium, supported by National Cultural Fund Administration (NCFA).

Posters and Brochures

Within this project, dissemination materials were made, depending on the events promoted.

Stellar Map

It was designed in a circular format, consisting of two disks. The inferior disk was made of  glossy card, while the inferior one was made of PVC, serigraphy printed. The two disks were overlapped and assembled through stapling, making it possible to rotate around the sky center. The window provides a view towards the visible constellations on Romanian territory,  throughout the whole year, in certain time intervals.

The stellar map's authors are Mircea Lite si Ovidiu Ignat.

The design was made by ALDMAGIC FILM company.