Stop Forest Fires

ALDMAGIC FILM company produces educational games with various themes destined for users of different ages. Both their logic and design vary depending on the age of the users. They are meant to complement today's school and kindergarten curricula. 

Stop Forest Fires!

This is an educational computer game for children, created using vector graphics in flash. Users have access to instructions which explain all game levels.


The otter is the reservation's fire fighter. She stands in the observatory and watches the forest. If a fire should start, she will see the smoke.  


In order to put out the fire, she has to cross the river populated with trouts. Then, the otter reaches the labyrinth in the forest. 


To get to the fire, she has to find the right way to escape the bear. Help the otter get to the bank safely and put out the forest fire. To move the otter, use the arrows on the keyboard.