ZOG – Brand Identity

ZOG – Brand Identity

Project: Brand Identity. Making promotional material within visual identity program. Beneficiary: SC ZOG SRL

ZOG- Brand Identity

ZOG's logo represents a she-bear with a cub. The mother bear is perceived as very loving, due to its warm fur, but most of all because of how she takes care of her cubs, tirelessly licking them. As far as the cub is concerned, he evokes the need to be spoiled, cared for and protected.

Slogan: Safety and Comfort
ZOG company's target is to offer their clients protection by providing high quality products and services.  

Colors: cobalt blue and grey.

ZOG Visual Identity Manual

ZOG Visual Identity Manual contains a set of instructions, rules and recommendations for applying and developing fundamental visual elements of the program: logo, slogan, accepted colors, fonts, visual attitude and tone. The purpose of this system is to assure coherence, stability and harmonious development of ZOG's image. By its specific characteristics - shape, color, style -  the visual identity of ZOG brand becomes unique. It comes into prominence and manifests itself in all aspects: name, logo design and slogan, personalized documents: business cards, letterheads, personalized email or newsletter, indoor, outdoor ad material, t-shirts, cars, yearly reports, catalogs, flyers, brochures, website, videoclips etc.  

ZOG Website

Within the visual identity defining program of ZOG brand, the company's website was created, www.zog.ro, with complete page administration. To customize the page presenting the ornamental wainscots, interactive applications were conceived, which offer the visitor multiple possibilities to choose a wainscot model. 

ZOG Product Catalog

On client's request, ALDMAGIC FILM has made the company's product catalog which consists in models of PVC window profiles designed by ZOG.