MMNGO – Visual Identity

MMNGO – Visual Identity

Project: MMNGO - Visual identity. Beneficiary: Maramures Federation of  Non-Governmental Organizations. On client's request, ALDMAGIC FILM company has conceived and developed a visual identity program based on which its logo, logotype and symbolism were created. At the same time, the organization's website was constructed. 

Logotype - Brand Identity

Taking into account the main activities of the organization - social protection and environment protection -, in order to create its logotype, the colors blue and green were used. Blue confers safety, calm and constructiveness, while green is associated with protection and natural equilibrium.    

The logotype represents two hands protecting a butterfly, symbol of the frailty of the ecological equilibrium, which, without human care and protection, may easily transform into a disaster with devastating consequences.

MMNGO Website

To create Maramures Federation of NGOs' website,, ALDMAGIC FILM  company has created a friendly and facile graphic interface, with a personalized design which reflects the organization's visual identity. The basic colors are blue and green. Text and images were edited, optimized and integrated. For the header, a flash animation containing images presenting the economical and cultural values of the region was created and an interactive menu toolbar for each page of the site was added. The Events and Projects pages were conceived and developed so that they could be administrated externally, with sections like: add text, images, word documents, pdf and a download section. During web development, css classes were used for elements that were going to be utilized for every page of the site.