Project: Geea - Brand identity and packaging. Beneficiary: SC GEEA ECOLACT SRL - Goat Farm

Geea - Brand Identity

For the creation of the logo, a figurative graphic representation was used. The logo's composition consists of a Saanen goat, an undulated inset where the brand's name is written and a blade of lucerne. The zoomorphic element - the goat - is represented in a stylized form, with a brown contour in order to difference it on white surfaces, in case it should be applied on those. Also, a formula to render dynamism and movement was aimed for. The inset has a stylized undulated shape, conferring elegance and putting forward the goat dairies, since they are produced on a very low scale. All products bearing the GEEA label are 100% natural, do not contain additives or genetically modified organisms. In Greek mythology, Geea is the goddess of Earth, the primordial matrix who gave birth to all gods. To render realism to the zoomorphic element (the goat), we used a chromatic palette consisting of Earth colors: burnt sienna, ocher and green, which is joint in the white compositions. Cadmium red is used in a tone-in-tone gamut: dark and light. This color was utilized to lay stress on the name of the Geea brand, which is written in a standing out white. Gold was used for the inset contour to render the brand a note of flashiness. The vegetal element - the lucerne - was colored in light green, giving the overall picture a tone of freshness. The utilized nuance makes the logo legible also on green surfaces that are of different tones.

GEEA Visual Identity Manual

Geea Visual Identity Manual contains a set of instructions and recommendations for the application and development of the fundamental visual elements of the program: visual signature (logo+logotype+slogan), accepted colors, fonts, visual attitude and tone. The purpose of this system is to assure the coherence, stability and smooth development of GEEA image throughout the time.

Packaging - Labeling

For the packaging and labeling of Geea dairies, a custom design was created for each and every product. Thus, tyre and collar type wrappings were designed for yogurts, while for the drinking yogurt, whole milk and cheese, labels with personalized design were created.