Buciumi - Traditional Products

Buciumi - Traditional Products

Project: Buciumi - Visual identity. Client: PFA Gheorghe Ioan Pop

Jar Labels

To create the Buciumi brand, we have looked for a classic formula to express its essence, emphasizing the native tradition of homemade products with 100% natural ingredients. Labels for  Buciumi products have been drawn by hand, using watercolor crayons on wet paper. Taking rise from the traditional larder concept, the handwriting font was chosen. Every jar label  graphically represents the main ingredient of the composition. Earth colors were used in order to picture leaves' ragwort in autumn time or the velvet-like texture of mushrooms with their stems covered in humus, but also cobalt blue and ultramarine were used for forest fruits. 

Bottle Label

For bottle labels, graphics with an antiquated tint was used to render a pretentious character to the product obtained by distillation and natural aging.